Hey Small Business Owners...I'm talking to you!

Do you wish you had more time during the day? Are you overwhelmed by all the technology you have to use? Do you need help but don't have the money or space to hire a full-time staff?
As a Technical & Creative Virtual Assistant, I can help!

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There is room on my schedule!
Currently booking new clients for November.

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As a business owner or entrepreneur, you've got enough to do in order to manage and grow your business. Technology shouldn't hold you back from reaching your goals. I can help!

Video & Audio
I can tackle video and audio post-production, podcast production, screencasting and more...

Website & Wordpress
I can help with web design, Wordpress install, SEO assistance, website maintenance and more...

Online Marketing
I can support your business via social media set up and management, blog content editing and writing, and more...

Graphic Design
I can support your business with desktop publishing, print design, image editing, and so much more.

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